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We are a law firm specializing in Intellectual Property,
Corporate, Mercantile, Civil, Labor and Administrative law
We are a law firm specializing in
Our Law Firm with Attorneys and Consultants, proposes to advance the concept of Legal Services, Consulting, Representation and Legal Aid; customized to meet and address from AB&A, all the needs and expectations of our clients, with excellence in quality and commitment, which our customers faithfully cherish and return with kind references, which have allowed us to grow strongly within a competitive field of players, both nationally and internationally.

AB&A provides services to individuals and corporations, both in and out of Venezuela. It has its headquarters in the Las Mercedes sector of the city of Caracas, a privileged, central and convenient area of the city, and capital of Venezuela. Additionally, it has branch offices in the city of Valencia, State of Carabobo; with the same characteristics, as well as in Panama, from where can we guarantee to opportunely meet with our exclusive national and international clients.

Area of Practice
Intellectual Property
Real Estate Law
Environmental Law
Civil/Family Law
Administrative Law
Corporate Law
Associates / Guilds
International trademark association