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We are a law firm

Our Law Firm of Attorneys and Consultants is based on commitment and quality of service, professional excellence, together with personal understanding.

The experience of AB&A comes from serving a range of valued clients for 12 years, which include: Universities and Technological Parks, in and out of Venezuela, research and development companies, entrepreneurial individuals, business groups and corporations, governmental institutes and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s); Authors, artists, public figures, athletes, researchers and performers. Also, thanks to strategic alliances with leading international firms and national and international corporations that execute important trading services and products, which have entrusted to AB&A with their Intellectual Capital for its protection and management.

Our Human Capital
The team of AB&A is highly trained and remains academically and professionally up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, mandated by Laws and Jurisprudence of Latin America, regarding changes in the regulatory framework and the status of National and International Law that has taken place in recent years. Our partners and associates are graduates of major Universities and Specialized Institutes of Venezuela, United States of America and Europe, obtaining certifications and credentials that empower them to address and manage the important tasks entrusted to our firm.
Juan Augusto Araujo Arenas / Managing Partner
Dr. Araujo Arenas has 20 years of working experience, from his days as a Legal Assistant in major firms in Venezuela. Founding partner of two firms specializing in Intellectual Property, one of them AB&A. He has extensive experience as an advisor to various national and multinational companies, private and public institutes, individuals who perform commercial, professional and business activities in Venezuela and Latin America. Advisor regarding transfer of technology and protection of intellectual capital, Areas of Practice: Intellectual Property; Management and Resolution of Conflicts; Mercantile, Administrative, Real Estate and Public Management Law. Litigation. Judicial Transactions.

Ing. P. Juan Araujo Mahon / Senior Consultant Partner, Patent Coordinator
He has extensive experience in the Venezuelan oil and automotive industry. With national and international credentials and specialties, which certify him as an expert in procurement for projects and materials for the Industry, as well as public bidding and contracting conditions. He has significant experience and academic vocation that contributes to his advice and guidance on projects that are engineering and technology based.

Dr. Azael Enrique Socorro Morales / Senior Associate Consultant
Dr. Azael Socorro Morales holds a master's degrees and specializes in Corporate and Commercial Law. Throughout his extensive career, he has performed as a Consultant and Judicial Representative for major corporations and economic groups in the industrial sector and banking industry of the country. He has held positions as Superior Court Judge and as Municipal Judge in the Capital District, combined with teaching as a university Professor.

Dr. Miguel Alfredo Calvo Villavicencio / Senior Consultant Partner
Dr. Calvo Villavicencio is an expert in Litigation in Civil, Commercial, Corporate and Family Law. Having been a lawyer for 46 years, and has had 35 years of successful experience in Venezuela

Abog. Carlos Gustavo Bacalao Arenas / Associate Consultant
Part of the human capital that founded and leads the firm. He has extensive experience in Management and Public Policy. He has certifications, specializations and diplomas of Venezuelan Universities and Spanish Institutes, in Labor Law and Business Administration. He has a strong record of Litigation and Mediation in the areas of Labor Law.

Dr. Amilcar Villavicencio / Senior Associated Counselor. Criminal Law Department
Dr. Villavicencio, is leading our Crime Law Department, He is a reputed counsel and litigator on this field, with a successful and honorable Crime Law practice.

Dra. Nathaly Alviarez / Senior Associated Counselor. Labor Law Department
Dr. Alviarez, has a impeccable career on Labor Law practice, as Magistrate Judge, Private Counselor and Litigator as well. She leads our Labor Law Department.